Services and Pricing

Regular Haircut

  • Senior Men - 65 plus $12
  • Men - under high school$15
  • Men $18
  • Active Military & First Responders, (Police, Fire & EMT)$14


A precision haircut and hot lather neck shave, with decent conversation. (Quality conversations are PRICELESS!)

  • Good Old Regular Barber Cut: Hand crafted cut, usually tapered in back but squared and rounded works for us if you like. You want it parted, Caesared, spiked, forward, front spiked or messy, then that's how we will cut it.
  • Flat Top: Hand crafted the old-school way. Short tapered to skin sides with a flat "put a level on it" top. You just tell us your style regular, super short or longer.
  • Crew cut/Buzz cut: One length all over, usually ¼" can be shorter or longer to your preference, with the edges tapered
  • Fades: The sides and back of head cut to FADE from short at the neck line to longer on top. You tell us how short you want the sides from bald, regular "2 Blade", to long; we can cut your fade. The top cut to you desired look.
  • Princeton: Short tapered sides and back with a parted top.
  • Military: High and Tight, Horseshoe flat top, or basic regs, it is an honor to cut your hair to your standards.


Long Styled Haircut

  • Young Men (under high school) $14
  • Men $17


So you are wearing more the shaggy, surfer, old school rock-star, or Age of Aquarius look, fine by us. We know how to do long layered or styled cuts too. These just take a little more time.

  • Tonsorial Haircut$25


We start with a precision haircut of your choice including the hot lather neck shave. We follow with a vibrating shoulder neck massage. We then add a massaging shampoo with a hot steam towel on your face. We end with a hot blow-dry and styling of your hair to your preference. We take our time so you can relax.

  • Regular Face Shave $30


The original straight razor shave, we lay you back in our comfortable barber chairs for a relaxing shave. We start with a hot towel and hot lather to prepare your face for shaving. We then apply additional hot lather and shave you with a traditional straight razor. We end with a soothing steam towel followed by a refreshing cold towel applied to your face. Ops, we end with the traditional “slap on the face” with after- shave, the wake-up call.

  • Tonsorial Face Shave $40


More than your ordinary shave, you are taken to our semi-private washhouse for some time to relax while we attend to your beard. You will be reclined in a comfortable barber chair. Then a steam towel is placed on your face to relax the skin and muscles. Tea Tree Oil is then massaged into the beard and face to soften the whiskers and give the skin a botanical cleansing. Another steam towel is placed on your face, further relaxing and softening the beard. Hot lather is then brushed into the beard. The barber then will remove the beard with a straight razor. Once the entire beard has been removed, another steam towel is applied followed by a cool refreshing towel to sooth the skin and face. The end is still the traditional “slap on the face” with a special after-shave.

  • Beard Trim - free with hair cut $8
  • Mustache Trim - free with hair cut $4
  • Shampoo - with hair cut $5
  • Shampoo $9
  • Shoe Shine in Chair $4
  • Shoe Shine drop-off and pick-up later $6
  • Shoe Water Repellant Treatment – drop off only $6
  • Boot Water Repellant Treatment $8

Prices subject to change without notice.